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OMRON is a company in the industrial automation field that offers a wide range of products such as inverters, Servo motors, PLC programmers, HMI monitors or SCADA software.

And currently Omron PLC is also relatively popular in Vietnam with PLC product lines such as: N Series (NX7 Series, NX1 Series, NX1P Series, NJ Series); C Series (CP / CPM Series, CJ1 Series, CJ2 Series, CS1 Series); ZEN Series.

Omron ZEN Series

ZEN is a small PLC that was manufactured by Omron in 2001. Zen is seen as a programmable relay system. ZEN programmers are classified according to:

+ Use AC or DC power supply

+ LCD screen or not

+ Time clock or not

+ Is there an Analog input or not

Omron CS1 Series

+ The CS1 is equipped with the functions required by the production site to suit a wide range of applications

+ The CX-One integrates a Package tool that is easy to design and efficient to maintain

+ Improved resource management and inheritance provide strong support for upkeep and operations

+ Duplex CS1 increases the reliability of machines and equipment

+ The machine efficiency is improved with high speed, high precision, and flexible motion control

+ The intelligent process control of PLC CS1 brings innovation to automation

Omron CJ1 Series

+ CPU block 320 I / O Max

+ Basic instruction speed (LD): 0.1µs

+ Program memory: 10Ksteps

+ Data memory (DM): 30Kwords

+ Support programming Function Block (FB), Sequential Function Chart (SFC), Structured Text (ST)

+ Equipped with real watches

Omron CJ2 Series

+ The Omron CJ2M Series PLC is designed for high-speed, precision & high-capacity applications

+ Supports up to 40 I / O modules

+ There are models with built-in Ethernet ports

+ USB port available for programming / monitoring, connect with other PLCs via Ethernet / IP network without configuration

+ Support RS232 / RS485 plug-in board

+ New advanced & user-friendly software

+ Use all modules of PLC CJ1 family

+ Data memory: 160K words (DM: 32K words; EM: 32K words x 4 banks)

+ Processing speed: Basic command: 0.04µs Min .; Senior Order: 0.06µs Min

+ PLC programming languages ​​Omron CJ2M Series include: Ladder Logic (LD); Sequential Function Charts (SFC); Structured Text (ST); Instruction Lists (IL)

Omron CJ2H Series

+ Number of inputs and outputs: 2,560 points / 40 units

+ Number of programming steps: 50k, 100k, 150k, 250k, 400k steps

+ Number of programs: 10Ksteps

+ Memory capacity: 8,000 words, 16000 words, 32000 words

+ Communication port: USB, RS232, Ethernet

Omron CP Series


Consists of 2 types of Omron CP1E PLC CPUs: lower cost CP1E-E type (with restrictions on communication functions) and CP1E-N series PLCs

+ Up to 160 I / O, CPU type -N can add RS-232/485/422 module

+ Connect the same expansion modules as for the CP1L type

+ 2 knobs set analog value (8 bits) in PLC

+ 6 10kHz high-speed (-E type) inputs or 6 10kHz-type and 2 100kHz (-N type) inputs

+ Memory 2Kstep (-E type) and 8Kstep (-N type)

+ 6 interrupt inputs and 6 quick acting inputs


Micro PLC series is versatile and small

+ 180 I / O maximum, RS-232/485/422 communication

+ The connection with the expansion module is the same as for the CPM1 type

+ Analog input 0-10V

+ 100kHz pulse input / output

+ 5 / 10Kstep memory, with external memory

+ External LCD display unit (CP1W-DAM01) helps monitor and adjust parameters on the spot


Omron CP1H Series PLCs are compact, high-end PLC series

+ Designed on advanced CJ1 system, expanding to 320 digital I/O, 34 analogue I/O

+ Up to 40 I / O available, 7 expansion modules CPM1A and 2 CJ1 modules can be connected to, thus supporting CJ1’s advanced connectivity functions (Profibus, Controller link, Ethernet, CompoBus S / D …)

+ USB programming port, 2 COM ports support RS232, 485

+ Built-in analogue: 4 in, 2 out (CP1H-XA40 *); 2-digit information display LED; 8 interrupt inputs

+ High-speed pulse input and output: 100kHz or 1MHz (CP1H-Y); 4-axis control output pulse

+ Serial PC Link helps to connect 9 CPUs (including CJ1M) via COM port

+ The Modbus-RTU Easy Master easily connects to the inverter

+ Use a memory cassette to store programs and data

CP2E Series

+ CP2E-E (Essential) is an economical type plc series, includes a USB programming port and RS232 port (for connection to HMI and other peripherals). The CPU consists of 30, 40 and 60 I / O

+ CP2E-S (Standard) is standard plc series, includes USB programming port, 1 RS232 port (HMI connectable) and 1 RS485 port (inverter can connect, temperature control) support Modbus RTU

+ CP2E-N (Network) is a network connection plc line, including 2 Ethernet ports with IP address (the hub) for easy connection for programming, connecting HMI, PC connection, support Modbus TCP Server and Modbus TCP Client .

CPM1A Series

+ CPM1A series PLC Omron is expandable to 160 I / O

+ Compact design suitable for any position

+ There are many features: 2 analog set regulators

+ Handling interrupts

+ Responsive inputs

+ High speed counter

CPM2A Series

+ Advanced functions suitable for small to medium application

+ RS232 interface on CPU; expandable up to 180 I/O

+ High-speed interrupt and scan handling

+ 20 kHz high-speed counter

+ Synchronous pulse control

+ Distributed analog control can be used

Omron NJ Series

NJ manages all functions of logic control, drive control and video control, and connects to the network through a single, brand new Sysmac Studio software developed by Omron. Sysmac Studio software allows configuration, programming, simulation, monitoring, and supports high-speed Ethernet / IP, EtherCat network control.

+ NJ Series is an Omron series PLC that uses an Intel Atom processor chip

+ Drive control up to 64 axes

+ Using I / O modules of PLC CJ Omron series

+ EtherCat network support

+ Supports many programming languages

Omron NX1P Series

+ Omron NX1P Series PLC CPU has compact size, low price, and multi-feature

+ The cose type terminal block is firmly plugged in and easy to connect

+ NX1P2 is classified into 2 groups of Model 24 in / out and 40 in / out (optional).

+ Optional HMI and Analog I / O communication board on the CPU body

+ Integrated communication port EtherNet and EtherCat

+ The NX1P2 can connect up to 8 expansion modules on the same CPU rack

+ Programming on Omron’s new Sysmac Studio software. This is a multi-function integrated design package with a beautiful and easy-to-use interface. Especially this software is general design software for PLC programming; HMI; connect and set parameters for the inverter; servo; vision.

+ Powerful application in location control applications. It is capable of communicating up to 16 points on the same EtherCat transmission network with a distance range of up to 100m

Omron NX1 Series

+ IoT support: OPC UA server built in as a standard feature, supporting transforming architectures

+ Data connection: SQL client for server Microsoft SQL, Oracle, IBM DB2, MySQL, Firebird, PostgreSQL

+ Large memory for data processing. 33.5 MB

+ Omron NX1 Series PLC capable of controlling up to 12 axes (8 axes of synchronous movement & 4 PTP)

+ Extensive network connectivity, 2x Ethernet + 1x EtherCAT

Omron NX7 Series

+ Motion control: integrated in IDE, and works in real time

+ Standard PLCopen function blocks plus Omron FB generated movement

+ Direct synchronous control for position, speed and torque

+ All safety-related data is synchronized with the entire network

+ Higher resolution images with no increase in processing time

+ Function blocks in the Adept Robot Control Library allow robot control from the NJ / NX / NY Controller using Ladder and Text Structured


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