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KV-DN20 Keyence Manual PDF

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The KV-DN20 Keyence is Keyence’s DiviceNet Industrial Communication Network Standard Module

KV-DN20 Keyence is compatible with old PLCs such as KV1000, KV3000, KV5000 / KV5500 as well as newer PLCs like KV7000-Series, KV-8000 Series.

The KV-DN20 Keyence User Manual consists of 12 chapters

  • Chapter 1: Features and System Configuration
  • Chapter 2: Nomenclature and Specifications
  • Chapter 3: Installation and Wiring
  • Chapter 4: I/O Memory Allocation
  • Chapter 5: Basic CP1H Functions
  • Chapter 6: Advanced Functions
  • Chapter 7: Using CP-series Expansion Units and Expansion I/O Units
  • Chapter 8: LCD Option Board
  • Chapter 9: Ethernet Option Board
  • Chapter 10: Program Transfer, Trial Operation, and Debugging
  • Chapter 11: Troubleshooting
  • Chapter 12: Inspection and Maintenance

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