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HMI Weintek “Modbus RTU” Inovance MD200 Tutorial

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Inovance MD200 inverter is one of the most commonly used inverters on the market, especially in small machines or made in China. Today will guide you to control it via Modbus RTU protocol.

Please note that you must choose the Model Inovance MD200 inverter that supports RS485 Port. to support Modbus RTU protocol (CANLink supported models do not support)

MT8071iE & Inovance MD200 “Wiring Diagram”

Modbus RTU (RS485) communication connection diagram between HMI Wientek MT8071iE and Inovance MD200 inverter

Inovance MD200 “Modbus RTU” Configuration

In addition to the basic parameters of the inverter (frequency, current, voltage…) we need to install the following communication parameters:

+ VFD Control Address = 2000 (hexa)

  • Set Word “2000” = 1 >>> Forward Run
  • Set Word “2000” = 2 >>> Reverse Run
  • Set Word “2000” = 6 >>> Stop

+ Set Frequency Address = 1000 (hexa)
Frequency Reference = (0 to 10000 dec) ~ (0 to VFD Max Frequency)

  • Output Frequency Address = 1001 (hexa)
    Output Voltage Address = 1003 (hexa)
    Output Current Address = 1004 (hexa)

HMI Weintek MT8071iE “Modbus RTU” Setting

HMI Wientek Modbus Example

+ Control Panel

+ Setting Frequency

+ Forward Run

+ Reverse Run

+ Stop

+ Frequency Output Monitoring

+ Voltage Output Monitoring

+ Current Output Monitoring

Project Video Tutorial


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