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HMI Proface “Modbus RTU” Danfoss FC302 Tutorial

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Hello everyone!
Danfoss FC302 is one of the most modern multi-function inverters in the world. It meets the most demanding inverter requirements. It is also a universal inverter that supports most communication connections.

Today will guide you to use HMI Proface GP4402 to control Danfoss FC302 inverter via Modbus RTU (both have built-in RS485 port)

Proface HMI & Danfoss FC302 ” Wiring Diagram”

Danfoss FC302 Modbus RTU Configuration

In order for the inverter to be controlled by Modbus RTU we need to configure the following communication parameters

Danfoss FC302 Registers Address for Control
Note: GP4402WW HMI Address = “400001 (dec) + Device Address”

+ Control Word Address = 400001 + 49999 = 450000
>>> Set Word 450000 = 47C (hex) or 1148 (dec) >>> Run Forward
= 847C (hex) or 33916 (dec) >>> Run Reverse
= 43C (hex) or 1084 (dec) >>> Stop
= 4BC (hex) or 1212 (dec) >>> Reset

+ Frequency Reference Address = 400001 + 50009 = 450010
>>> Reference Set = 0 to 16384(dec) ~ (0 to 100%)

Danfoss FC302 Registers Address for Monitoring

+ Frequency Output Address = 400001 + 16129 = 416130

+ Speed Output Address = 400001 + 16169 = 416170

Proface GP4402WW Modbus RTU Setting

We need to set the same communication parameters as those installed by Danfoss FC302, In addition, we need to install and use 32bit data reading in the high word first:

Proface HMI Programming

+ Main Interface Design

+ VFD “Auto On” Status

+ VFD “Running” Status

+ VFD “Alarm” Status

+ VFD “Reset Alarm” Button

+ VFD “Frequency Reference” Command & Scale

+ “Forward Run” Command

+ “Reverse Run” Command

+ “Stop” Command

+ “Speed Output” Monitoring

+ “Frequency Output” Monitoring

Project Instruction Video


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If you need any help in connecting Proface GP4402 with Danfoss FC302, please comment below the article, will reply to you as soon as I can. Share the article if you find it useful.

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