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[Tutorial] PLC Keyence & E5CC Omron Modbus-RTU via RS485

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Hello everyone. Today will guide you to connect PLC Keyence (using Module KV-L21V) to connect to E5CC of Omron via Modbus-RTU R485

E5CC setting parameters

+ CN-t: 6

+ U-No (Slave No.): 1

+ bPS: 9.6

+ PRty: NoNe

( Watching the video will be more intuitive and easy to understand)

KV-L21V setting parameters

Connection diagram of KV-L21V and E5CC

To connect PLC Keyence with E5CC, we will use the standard RS485 or wire, you can cook according to the picture below

Positive video instructions for installing and testing the program in detail

Sample Code Download Link

>>> Download PLC Keyence & E5CC Omron Modbus-RTU Sample Program

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If you need any assistance with PLC Keyence or installing E5CC, please contact

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