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[Tutorial] KV5500 & E5CC Modbus-RTU RS485 Multi Slaves

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Hello all of you!

In the previous article instructed you to connect the easiest way to keep PLC KV-5500 (using KV-L21V) with E5CC via Modbus-RTU using RS485

Today will continue to guide you to connect to 2 or more (maximum 32) E5CC

Connection diagram between KV-L21V and E5CC

We will use a 2-wire RS485 connection to connect the KV-L21V and E5CC module (note twisted and install the end resistor if transmitting far)

Configure KV-L21V using KV-Studio software

We use COM2 port in KV-L21V

Video instructions for installing, configuring and testing a sample program between KV5500 and E5CC

Program Sample Download Link

>>> Download PLC KV5500 Modbus-RTU Program

Password Extract:


If you have any questions about the connection between the KEYENCE PLC and E5CC, please comment below the article, will answer you if possible.

Thanks and best regards!

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