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Samkoon HMI & Inovance H3U “Ethernet Connection” Tutorial

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Hello friends!
PLC Inovance H3U is one of the new, versatile PLCs, with many built-in functions and communication ports including: USB, Ethernet, RS485, CANBUS, CANLink.

Today will guide you to use the Samkoon SK-070HS HMI (or any model that supports Ethernet) to connect to the Inovance H3U PLC through the Ethernet port.

PLC Inovance H3U Ethernet Port. Configuration

+ IP Address Setting

Samkoon HMI to PLC Inovance-H3U Ethernet Setting

Need to set “IP Address and Port” according to PLC Inovance H3U

Detailed Instruction Video


+ Download Inovance-H3U PLC Programming Software
+ Download Samkoon HMI Programming Software

If in the process of connecting HMI Samkoon to PLC Inovance via Ethernet you need any support, please comment below the article, will reply to you as soon as I read the comments.

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