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QJ71C24N & Samkoon HMI “RS232 Connection” Tutorial

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SAMKOON HMI was established in 2006, headquartered in Shenzhen Software Park – Shenzhen Hi-Tech Park. Shenzhen Samkoon Technology Corporation is an enterprise specializing in software production, factory service, specializing in research and development of automation products: industrial monitors HMI and PLC.

The company’s screen has a reasonable price and good quality, today will guide you to use the Samkoon SK-070HS HMI to connect to the Mitsubishi QJ71C24N Module through RS232 communication.

QJ71C24N & Samkoon HMI “Wiring Diagram”

Below is the RS232 communication connection diagram between the Samkoon HMI and the Mitsubishi QJ71C24N module:

Mitsubishi QJ71C24N “RS232 Parameters Setting”

Channel 1 of QJ71C24N is RS232 communication port, we configure as follows:

Samkoon HMI to Mitsubishi QJ71C24N Setting

We need to set the parameters of the HMI exactly the same as the QJ71C24N module.

Video Tutorial


+ Download Samkoon HMI Programming Software
+ Download Mitsubishi GX-Works 2 Software

If in the process of using HMI Samkoon to connect to Mitsubishi QJ71C24N control and monitor, you have any problems, please comment below the article, will answer you as soon as possible.

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