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PLC Omron “Servo Control” Yaskawa Sigma 7 Tutorial

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The Omron CP1H PLC is a small-sized PLC that combines basic functions with the ability to expand to advanced functions, it can control 4 motor axes independently.

Today will guide you to use CP1H pulse generator to control Yaskawa Servo in the simplest and easiest way.

Omron CP1H & Yaskawa Sigma 7 “Wiring Diagram”

+ Use resistor R = 2K2 (Ohm) to reduce voltage “24 VDC to 5 VDC”

Yaskawa Servo Parameters Configuration

For the Yaskawa Sigma 7 engine we need to install the following basic parameters

+ Pn200.0: (Reference Pulse Form) uses 1 pulse control mode (Pulse + Direction)
>>> Select “0: Sign + Pulse, positive logic”

+ Pn200.3: (Filter Selection)
>>> Select “1: Uses reference input filter for open collector signal (to 200kpps)”

+ Pn20E + Pn210 + Pn212
Three parameter is used to set the number of pulses for 1 revolution of the motor

In this Project use (Ball screw leed = 5mm & (Out 1PLS = 10um)
>>> Pn20E: 16,777,216 / Pn210: 500

+ Pn000.1: Control Method Selection

PLC Omron Pulse Output Setting

In this project uses axis number 1 out of 4 axes of CP1H, you can refer to the settings as shown below:

PLC Omron Pulse Output Example

+ Servo ON/OFF Control

+ Emergency Stop Pulse Output

+ Axis Zero Return Process

+ Axis Jog Process

+ Axis Position Control

Project Video Tutorial


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