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LabView “Modbus RTU” Omron E5CC Tutorial

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Omron E5CC Temperature Controller is one of the most used devices in factories, it supports most thermocouple types and is very high quality, it also supports RS485 communication port suitable for communicate with peripheral devices.

Today will guide you to use Labview to connect the controller and read the temperature from the E5CC, making it easy to collect and store the temperature from the E5CC.

Computer & Omron E5CC “Wiring Diagram”

Note: If the communication distance is long, you need to use a 120Ω terminal resistor.

E5CC Modbus RTU Parameters Setting

Here are the communication parameters to be installed for the E5CC (You can watch the video below for details)

Registers Address Table

+ Temperature Setting Address = 2103 (hex) = 8451 (dec)

+ Temperature Present Address = 2000 (hex) = 8192 (dec)

Labview Modbus RTU Programming

Below is the Block Diagram of Labview and E5CC Connection Program

Project Video Tutorial


Document Reference

>>> Download Omron E5CC Manual PDF (Password Extract:

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