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Keyence KV-LM21V Manual PDF

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The KV-LM21V is a high speed link block that supports multiple Keyence Modules


+ Transmission distance: 19,200 bit / s: internal 1,000 m, 115,200 bit / s: internal 1,000 m, 0.5 M bit / s: internal 500 m, 1.0 M bit / s: internal 200 m, 2.0 M bit / s: internal 100 m

+ Number of broadcast blocks: 15

+ Communication speed: Baud Rate 19,200, 115,200, 0.5 M, 1.0 M, 2.0 Mbit / s

The KV-LM21V allows sharing of device data among the KV-5000/3000 Series or KV Nano Series units through the use of the Serial PLC Link function. It also provides connection with Megalink-capable equipment (up to 15 units) such as the VT3 Series through the use of the Megalink function.

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