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[Tutorial] Omron CP1H & MR J4 Mitsubishi “ORG Search”

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PLC Omron and Mitsubishi Servo are popular equipment used in small industrial machines. CP1H Supports control of up to 4 axes
Today will start the article to guide you to use CP1H to control Mitsubishi MR-J4-Series Servo

Configure PLC Omron CP1H

+ Select Port: Port 0

+ Use the Pulses Output: Pulse + Direction method

>>> Use Ouput Address 100.00(Pulse) & 100.02(Direction)

+ PLC Setup

Configuring Mitsubishi MR-J4 Driver

With the MR J4 configuration you need to pay attention to two main parameters:

+ PA1: Servo control mode selection > Set to “1000” to select the position control mode.

+ PA5: Number of command Input pulses per Revolution = 1000PLS / 1REV

+ PA6/7: CMX / CDV: Input pulse gain ratio. Used to correct the change of the number of pulses / revolutions when issuing a command from the PLC to the Servo. The default is 1/1, which corresponds to 131072 pulses / rev.

+ PA13-PLSS Selection of control pulse types: Default is 0100, change the following two factors to select pulse input type.

You can copy the parameter table of as simple setup as

Connection diagram between CP1H and MR-J4_A

This is the simplest wiring diagram that makes for the easiest to understand and can do for newcomers to learn about PLC + Servo.

Programming PLC Omron CP1H

Learn about the Org command

CP1H has 4 pulse generator ports, choose port number 1 (Port0)

In the program use 2 times the INI command. The first time is used to Stop pulsing immediately, and the second time to reset the Axis0 pulse count



I/O Address Table

  • 000-Input: Org Sensor
  • 001-Input: CW Limit Sensor
  • 002-Input: CCW Limit Sensor
  • 011-Input: EMG Button
  • 280.04-Input: Axis0 Busy (Internal Adress PLC)
  • 280.05-Input: Axis0 No Org (Internal Adress PLC)
  • 280.06-Input: Axis0 at Org (Internal Adress PLC)
  • 100.00-Output: Pulse
  • 100.02-Output: Direction

Sensor Status

Stop Pulses Output

Origin Recover

Orr & Jog Process Video CP1H & MR-J4 A

In the next article I will guide you Jogs, position control as well as HMI connection, please register my website to update information about automation.

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