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DELTA DVP 14SS2 “Modbus RTU” Yaskawa V1000 VFD

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Continue the series of articles that guides you to use PLC Delta DVP-Series to control devices via Modbus-RTU RS485 communication. Today I would like to continue sharing Yaskawa V1000 Inverter controls using Delta PLC.

Most of Delta’s DVP-Series PLCs have built-in RS485 communication port, in the project using the DVP-14SS2 PLC.

Wiring Diagram

Please connect according to the diagram below, use a 120-Ohm terminal resistor if the communication distance is long.

Yaskawa V1000 VFD Configuration

To be able to control Yaskawa-V1000 inverter according to Modbus-RTU communication standard, we need to configure the following parameters:

Register Address Control

We can see the following addresses:

+ Control Word Address = “1“(Hex)

  • Set Word “1” = 0000 0000 0000 0001 = 1 >>> Motor Forward Run
    = 0000 0000 0000 0010 = 2 >>> Motor Reverse Run
    = 0000 0000 0000 0000 = 0 >>> Motor Stop Run

+ Set Frequency Address = “2“(Hex)

Register Address Monitoring
  • Output Frequency = 24 (Hex)
  • Output Voltage = 25 (Hex)
  • Output Current = 26 (Hex)

Delta DVP-14SS2 Modbus Configuration

You set up Modbus communication as shown below:

WPLSoft software will automatically generate the following communication configuration code:

DVP 14SS2 Programming

+ Distribution Read Write Data

+ Frequency Write Command

+ Control Motor Run

+ Read Data Response

Detailed Instruction Video


Required software and documentation:

+ Delta WPLSoft for DVP 14SS2 Programming

+ Yaskawa V1000 Manual PDF (Password:

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