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DELTA DVP 14SS2 “Modbus RTU” Fuji Frenic Tutorial

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In the previous post, showed you how to use the Delta DVP-Series PLC to control the Mitsubishi FR-E700 Seires inverter via Modbus-RTU RS485 communication.

Today I would like to continue to guide you to use Delta PLC to control Fuji Frenic inverters (Mini, Eco, Mega, Multi… Series).

DVP 14SS2 Modbus-RTU “Wiring Diagram”

Note: If the communication distance is long (>50m), then a 120-Ohm . terminal resistor should be used

Fuji Frenic VFD Modbus Configuration

In addition to the basic parameters of the inverter, we need to set the communication parameters as follows:

+ H30 = 3 (Control via RS485 Port)

+ Y01 = 1 ( Slave No.1)

+ Y02 = 0

+ Y03 = 2

+ Y04 = 2 (9600bps)

+ Y05 = 0 (bit)

+ Y06 = 1 (Even)

+ Y07 = 1 ( Stopbit-1)

+ Y10 = 0 (Choose Modbus-RTU)

+ Y99 = 0

Modbus Address Layout

Hexa address table corresponding to each group of Modbus addresses

Register Address for Control

Looking at the table above we can see:

+ Frequency Reference = S(07Hex) + 05 = 705 (Hexa)

+ Operation Command = S(07Hex) + 06 = 706 (Hexa)

  • Set 706 (Hex) = 1 >>> Motor Run Forward
    = 2 >>> Motor Run Reverse
    = 0 >>> Motor Stop
Register Address for Monitoring

+ Output Frequency Address = M (08H) + 09 = 809 (Hex)

+ Input Power Address = 80A (Hex)

+ Output Current Address = 80B (Hex)

+ Output Voltage Address = 80C (Hex)

PLC Delta Modbus-RTU Configurator

We need to set the same communication parameters as the inverter (8.1,Even).
Please install as shown below:

The software will automatically create the program as below:

PLC Programming

+ Read / Write Distribution

+ Frequency Setting Command

+ Control Motor Command

+ Read Data Monitoring

Video Running Program


Required Documentation and Software:

+ Delta WPLSoft for DELTA DVP PLC Programming Download

+ Fuji Frenic Parameters Setting Manual PDF (Password Extract:
Fuji Frenic Series Modbus RS485 Manual PDF

If you have any difficulty in connecting PLC Delta DVP 14SS2 with Fuji Frenic inverter, please comment below the article, will reply to you as soon as I read it.

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