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[Tutorial] Omron CP1H & MR J4 Mitsubishi “Jog Process”

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Hello everyone, today continue to guide you to use the MR-J4_A position control CP1H. In the previous article I instructed you “ORG Search”

Today I will guide you to do “JOG” program to detect Servo position to work, CP1H and most Omron PLCs using CX-Programmer do not support Jog instruction.

Connection diagram will use 2 more hard buttons to make Jog (+) and Jog (-) buttons and I enter 003, 004 compared to the diagram in “ORG Search”


PLS2 programming command

The parameters in the program to use:

+ Port: #0000

+ M: #0101 (Pulse + Direction & Absolute pulses)

+ S > S+5: D100 > D105

+ F > F+1: D106 > D107

Jog Process

Pulses Output

Video Jog Process

Today’s article is the end, each article will present a function for you to understand. In the following post, will guide you to control the Servo position

Thanks and best regards!

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