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[Tutorial] E5CC & CP1H Modbus RTU RS485

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OMRON E5CC is probably one of the most famous indicators in the world. It’s so popular that you can find it in any factory in the world.

E5CC supports the RS485 communication standard so that we can get data from up to 1200 meters away. Very convenient in industry

Today will guide you to read the parameters of E5CC meter about PLC OMRON CP1H via Modbus RTU very simply and easily.

E5CC setting parameters

+ CN-t: 6

+ U-No: 1

+ bPS: 9.6

+ PRty: NoNe

(Watch easy video with step-by-step instructions)

CP1H setting parameters

Connection diagram of CP1H and E5CC

You connect the RS485 communication wire according to the diagram below (note that twisting the RS485 cable when transmitting away)

Installation and connection instruction video

Download Sample Code

>>> Download E5CC & CP1H Modbus RTU RS485 Code PLC OMRON

>>> Download CX-Programmer V9.6 Software for read Code

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