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[Download] MCGS Embeded V7.7 MCGS HMI Software

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Software programming HMI screen MCGS embeded V7.7 is used for its TPC series of the same name MCGS, this is the domestic HMI of China

Software specification

+ Driver: supports 800 communication drivers for popular PLC devices

+ Security: Multi-layered security, operating passwords, download and upload program access passwords, and a pretty good function is to set the date of shutdown, the HMI will automatically lock inactive.

+ Disadvantage: The software uses Chinese language, so it is difficult to use

Software installation guide

Because the software only uses Chinese language, you must change the Windows language and Location to Chinese before you install the software to run the software.

MCGS Embeded V7.7 supports the following models: TPC7062TD, TPC7062TX, TPC7062Ti, TPC1062Ti., TPC1162Hi, TPC1262Hi, TPC1561Hi, TPC7062KX, TPC7062KW, TPC7062K, TPC7062Hi, TPC1061Hi

Software Download Link

>>> Download MCGS Embeded V7.7 MCGS HMI Software

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