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Samkoon HMI “Modbus RTU” Danfoss FC51 Tutorial

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Hello everyone, Continuing the Series using Samkoon HMI to control various devices via Modbus-RTU protocol, today will guide you to control Danfoss FC51 inverter.

Danfoss FC51 inverter has a built-in RS485 communication port, so we can directly connect the Samkoon HMI and the inverter easily.

Samkoon HMI & Danfoss FC51 “Connection Diagram”

Below is the RS485 communication connection diagram between Samkoon SK-070HS (other similar Samkoon HMI Models) and Danfoss FC51 inverter.

Danfoss FC51 Modbus Parameters Setting

Below are the Modbus-RTU communication parameters that need to be set up of the Danfoss FC51 inverter:

Danfoss FC51 Modbus Registers Address

>>> Control Word Address = 49999 (dec)

  • Set Word 49999 = 1148 (dec) >>> Run Forward
    = 33916 (dec) >>> Run Reverse
    = 1084 (dec) >>> Stop
    = 1212 (dec) >>> VFD Reset

>>> Set Frequency Address = 50009 (dec)
+ Reference Setting = 0 to 16384(dec) ~ (0 to 100%)

>>> Control Word Address = 50199 (dec)

>>> Output Frequency Address = 416129 (dec)

Samkoon HMI “Modbus RTU” Configuration

How did you install the Modbus parameters for the Danfoss FC51 inverter, the same settings for the Samkoon HMI

HMI Programming Example

+ Panel Design

+ Ready Status

+ Running Status

+ Alarm Status

+ Reset Command

+ Setting Frequency

+ Forward Run

+ Reverse Run

+ Stop Command

+ Output Frequency

Detailed Instruction Video


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If in the process of using HMI Samkoon to control Danfoss FC51 inverter you need any support, please comment below the article, will reply to you as soon as I read the comments.

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