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PLC Keyence “Modbus RTU” Omron E5CC Tutorial

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Hello everybody!
PLC Keyence is one of the extremely intelligent PLC lines of Japan, it is continuously improved in both quality and durability. More and more machines and equipment use PLC Keyence.

Temperature control in the factory is a necessity for most companies, and today would like to guide you to use the Keyence KV5500 PLC (in combination with KV-L21V) to communicate Modbus RTU with the control Temperature Controller E5CC

Wiring Diagram

Please use end resistor (about 120Ω) if the distance from PLC to E5CC is far

Configuration Omron E5CC & Keyence KV-L21V

E5CC Communication Configuration

+ CN-E = 6

+ U-No (Unit No) = 1 (E5CC-1) or 2 (E5CC-2)

+ bPS (baud rate) = 9600

+ Prty (Parity Check) = EVEN

+ Stop bit = 1

KV-L21V Communication Configuration

PLC Keyence Programming

+ Distributing Read-Write Communication

+ Temperatures Write Command

+ Temperatures Read Command

Installation Video and Tutorial


Required documents and software

Password Extract:

If you have any difficulty in connecting PLC Keyence to Omron E5CC, please comment below the article.

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