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PLC Omron “Modbus RTU” Omron E5CC Tutorial

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Hello everyone, in the previous post guided you to use Mitsubishi’s FX3U to control Read/Write data to Omron’s E5CC temperature controller.

Today I would like to continue to guide you to use Omron’s own PLC to control E5CC via Modbus RTU communication. The project uses PLC CP1H (combined with Module CP1W-CIF12 (or CP1W-CIF11)

Connection diagram CP1W-CIF12 with E5CC

If communication distance is far, we should use 120Ω end resistor

E5CC – Communication Specification Configuration

In the project I use 2 E5CC should set the parameters as follows:

+ CN E (Controll Mode) = 6

+ U No ( Slave Number) = 1 (Slave #1) = 2 (Slave #2)

+ bPS (Baud Rate) = 9.6 (9600)

+ Prty (Parity Check)= EVEN

+ Stop bit = 1

CP1H Communication Configuration

CP1H PLC Programming

+ Transmission Distribution

+ E5CC SV Write Command

+ E5CC Read PV Command

+ Read Data Reponse

Installation and Connection Instruction Video


If you have any problems connecting E5CC with PLC CP1H, please comment below the article, will reply to you as soon as I read it.

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