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PLC Delta & Visual Studio C# “Data Logging via RS485”

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Hello everyone, in previous articles connected Visual Studio C# to Omron and Keyence PLCs through the direct ports of available PLCs.

Today can also connect to Delta PLC through the RS485 port that most Delta PLCs are integrated with:

+ Delta DVP All Series

Using Visual Studio to connect to a PLC has the following advantages:

+ Connects to all Delta PLCs: Connection through built-in PLC communication ports such as Ethernet, RS232, RS485 or Expansion modules

+ Easy customization, can store all PLC memory areas, can store data when PLC Trigger or Store according to fixed time cycles.

+ The software is completely free, can package Windows applications and use an unlimited number of computers

+ Connect multiple PLCs with just one software, suitable for SCADA systems for factory management

I will make step-by-step connection tutorial articles, not share this project. If you need it, you will have to pay a small fee:

+ Make the program according to your requirements and package it into an Exe file that can be used on any computer: 30$

+ Get “Full Source Code” and user manual as well as lifetime support: 120$

Payment methods

+ Paypal
  • Payment via email address:
+ Crypto
  • USDT Wallet (TRC20): TBxu9tjKKZvoTkPNurYk8FYpQfENHNUnRM

You will receive the software via Email or any other method you want!

Please contact: for more details and software purchase.

Thanks and Best Regards!

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