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Mitsubishi FX5U “Modbus RTU” DELTA MS300 Tutorial

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DELTA MS300 inverter is a new generation of DELTA inverters to replace the old VFD-M inverter series. It inherits and upgrades all the advantages of the VFD-M series and of course it also has a built-in RS485 port for Modbus RTU communication.

Today will guide you to use PLC Mitsubishi FX5U (also built-in RS485 port) to control DELTA MS300 Inverter.

Mitsubishi FX5U & Delta MS300 “Wiring Diagram”

Note: Use a 120Ω terminal resistor if the communication distance is far

Delta MS300 VFD Modbus RTU Configuration

In addition to the basic parameters of the inverter installed according to the motor (frequency, voltage, current …) then we need to install the following communication parameters

+ P00.20: 1 (Using Modbus Setting Frequency)

+ P00.21: 2 (Using Modbus Control Motor)

+ P09.00: 1 (Slave Address = 1)

+ P09.01: 9.6 (Baudrate = 9600bps)

+ P09.02: 0

+ P09.03: 1.0 (Overtime Com. = 1.0s)

+ P09.04: 14 ( Modbus-RTU 8/E/1 Selection)

Delta MS300 Registers for Control

+ Motor Control Address = 2000 (hex)

  • Set Word 2000 = 18 (dec): Forward Run
  • Set Word 2000 = 34 (dec): Reverse Run
  • Set Word 2000 = 1 (dec): Motor Stop

+ Setting Frequency Address = 2001 (hex)

Delta MS300 Registers Data Monitoring
  • Output Frequency Address = 2103 (hex)

Mitsubishi FX5U Modbus RTU Setting

We need to set the communication parameters of the PLC to be the same as the Delta MS300

PLC Programming

+ Reset & Communication Distribution

+ Motor Control Command

+ Read Data Response

Detailed Instruction Video


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