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[Download] STEP7 MicroWIN SMART V2.5 for PLC S7-200 Siemens (GoogleDrive)

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The PLC S7-200 Smart series made by China, is for this large market. The PLC series has many updates to change the characteristics between S7-200 and S7-1200. S7-200 with large IO expansion, high frequency pulse input and output signals, much higher than the S7-200 and S7-1200 series. So this is a great advantage for motion control systems. However, the S7-200 oriented programming architecture and communication capabilities also support a limited way so it is rarely used in large systems.

And today, would like to share with you the software used to program the S7-200 Smart PLC which is STEP7 MicroWIN SMART V2.5 software. Especially with version V2.5, the software can work with EPLAN easily

Supported operating systems

+ Windows XP, Windows Server

+ Windows 7

+ Windows 8/8.1

+ Windows 10

Detailed software installation instructions

+ Step 1: Download and extract the software with the password

+ Step 2: Go to the folder STEP 7 MicroWIN SMART V02.05.00

+ Step 3: Proceed to run the setup.exe file and then select the installation language

+ Step 4: Agree to the terms of use of the software

+ Step 5: Choose Destination Location

+ Step 6: Wait for the installation to take place in a few minutes

+ Step 7: Select Finish when the installation is complete

+ Step 8: Enjoy ^^

Video instructions to install MicroWIN Smart

Link Download Software

>>> Donwload STEP7 MicroWIN SMART V2.5

Password Extract:


If the download link is broken, let know, we will fix it as soon as we read the comments. Thank you for your time on the website!

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