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Hi friends! Currently on the market, Siemens HMIs are being used a lot in factories in different fields. The Siemens HMI line spans with many different versions such as Basic screen, touch screen with KTP buttons to TP full touch screen.

When replacing the screen or doing routine maintenance, we will be interested in how to download the program content in this HMI to the computer for storage or transfer to the new screen.

Usually this software is available when you install TIA Portal/WinCC. But if you haven’t installed it yet, you can install it independently in this article.

HMI Models that ProSave Software Supports

+ Micro Panels

  • TP070
  • OP 73 Micro
  • TP170 MICRO
  • TP 177 Micro, KTP-178 Micro

+ Basic Panels

  • KP300 Basic mono PN
  • KP400 Basic color PN
  • KTP400 Basic, KTP400 Basic mono PN, KTP400 Basic color PN
  • KTP600 Basic color DP, KTP600 Basic color PN, KTP600 Basic mono PN
  • KTP700 Basic, KTP700 Basic DP
  • KTP900 Basic
  • KTP1000 Basic DP, KTP1000 Basic PN
  • KTP1200 Basic, KTP1200 Basic DP
  • TP1500 Basic PN

+ Panels

  • OP73
  • OP77A, OP77B
  • TP170A
  • TP177A
  • OP170B
  • OP 177B mono DP, OP 177B color PN/DP
  • TP 177B mono DP, TP 177B color PN/DP
  • OP270, TP270, OP 277, TP277

+ Mobile Panels

  • Mobile Panel 177, Mobile Panel 277
  • KTP400F Mobile
  • KTP700 Mobile, KTP700F Mobile
  • KTP900 Mobile, KTP900F Mobile, KTP1000F Mobile

+ Multi Panels

  • MP177
  • MP270, MP270B, MP277, MP370, MP370 TOUCH, MP377 Key, MP377 Touch

+ Comfort Panels

  • KP400 Comfort, KTP400 Comfort, KP700 Comfort, TP700 Comfort
  • KP900 Comfort, TP900 Comfort, KP1200 Comfort, TP1200 Comfort
  • KP1500 Comfort, TP1500 Comfort, KP1900 Comfort, TP1900 Comfort, TP2200 Comfort

+ Comfor Unified Panels

  • MTP700/1000/1200/1500/1900/2200 Unified Comfort

+ C7 Panels

+ ProTool Text Based Panels

+ ProTool Graphic Based Panels

Software Download Link

Download via GoogleDrive
>>> Download Siemens ProSave V18 Full Software

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