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ATV312 Schneider “Modbus RTU” Omron CP1H Tutorial

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Hello everyone. in the previous post used PLC Siemens S7-1200 to control ATV312 Schneider via “Modbus-RTU”. Today I would like to continue to guide you to use the Omron PLC to control it.

The Omron PLC used is CP1H combined with Module CP1W-CIF12 (or CP1W-CIF11).

Wiring Diagram choose to setup Module CP1W-CIF12/11 at Port 2

ATV312 Configuration

In addition to the basic parameters set according to the motor you use, we must set the following communication parameters:

Register Control Motor

>>> Control Word = 8501 (dec) = 2135 (hex)

  • Set 2135 = 6 >>> Enable Operation
  • Set 2135 = 128 >>> Fault state reset
  • Set 2135 = 15 >>> Forward Run
  • Set 2135 = 2063 >>> Reverse Run
  • Set 2135 = 4111 >>> Stop Run

>>> Frequency Set Address = 8502 (dec) = 2136 (hex)

Register Monitoring

+ Output Frequency = 3202 (decimal) = C82 (hexa)

+ Output Current = 3204 (decimal) = C84 (hexa)

CP1H Configuration uses Port.2 of PLC (8bit/Even/Stop1)

PLC Omron Modbus-RTU Programming

+ Reset Data when PLC Start Operation

+ Read and Write Distribution

+ Frequency Write Command

+ Motor Control Command

+ Read Data Command

+ Take Data Output

Detailed Instruction Video

Below is a video of inverter parameter setting and program running


Required documentation:

+ Download ATV312 Schneider Parameters Manual PDF
Communication Manual PDF
Register Address list PDF

Password Extract:

If you have any difficulties in connecting CP1H and ATV312 VFD, please comment below the article. Please share the article if you find it useful.

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