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[Tutorial] PLC Omron & WinCC Data Logger to EXCEL

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Data storage and processing are increasingly important in any factory. It helps us to smarten the factory as well as analyze production related issues such as temperature and humidity…

OMRON PLC is one of the most popular PLC in the world, today will guide you. Connect OMRON PLC (Specifically CP1H) with WinCC and export data to Excel.

Connection diagram between OMRON PLC and PC

Configuration at OMRON PLC

PLC supports connection to WinCC via Hostlink communication standard, we can use RS232/422 at 2 baud rates of 9600/19200bps.

In the article I use RS232 / 19200bps

Since the Omron PLC only accepts control commands from the computer in Monitor mode, we need to set the Startup PLC mode to Monitor Mode.

Configuration in Siemens WinCC Software

Connection type configuration: Omron Host Link

Generate Tags from PLC

Build Control Screen

PLC Programming

This is a sample program written by me with the purpose of: Simulating an increase in temperature in 3 different Word, when pressing Start Logging, pressing Stop Logging, the system will not increase the temperature.
When the temperature is greater than or equal to 100 degrees, it will automatically return to 0

Detailed Connection and Test Video


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