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[Tutorial] Keyence KV5500 & Yaskawa Servo “ORG Search”

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PLC Keyence and Servo Yaskawa are the two most used industrial equipment in Japanese production lines today.

Today will guide you to control Yaskawa motors according to the pulse generator method using KV5500 (Integrated 2 axes)

Configure parameter KV5500

Step 1: You go to Tool> CPU Positioning Parameters Setting

Step 2: Configure the I / O address and pulse pattern as shown below

Yaskawa motor parameter setting (SigmaWin software)

  • Pn200.0: Reference Pulse Form uses 1 pulse control mode (Pulse + Direction)
    >>> Select “0: Sign + Pulse, positive logic”
  • Pn200.3: Filter Selection
    >>> Select “1: Uses reference input filter for open collector signal (to 200kpps)”
  • Pn20E + Pn210 + Pn212
    3 This parameter is used to set the number of pulses for 1 revolution of the motor
  • Pn000.1: Control Method Selection

Wiring diagram of KV5500 and Yaskawa Servo

Below is the wiring diagram I minimum for Yaskawa Servo control

Sample Program

I/O Configurator & Stop Pulse ouput

ORG Search Process

Video Control Yaskawa Sigma-V using the KV5500


The software you need when doing this project

>>> KV-Studio for PLC Keyence KV5500: Download Here

>>> SigmaWin+ for Yaskawa Servo: Download Here

If you need any technical support, please comment below the article, will reply you as soon as you read it.

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