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MicroLogix 1100 “Servo Control” Yaskawa Sigma 7 Tutorial

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Hello friends!
Today would like to continue to guide you to control Yaskawa Sigma 7 Servo with a type of PLC with Output Transistor NPN engraved that is PLC Allen Bradley MicroLogix 1100.

The PLC model will use is MicroLogix 1100 1763-L16BBB. You need to prepare 2 more 2k2 resistors (Ohm) to reduce the voltage from 24VDC > 5VDC.

MicroLogix-1100 & Yaskawa Sigma 7 “Wiring Diagram”

  • Use 2k2 Ohm resistor to reduce voltage 24VDC > 5VDC
  • Use any Relay to switch Output PNP > NPN

Yaskawa Sigma-7 Parameters Setting

Here are some important parameters of Yaskawa Sigma 7 that we need to setting

+ Pn200.0: Reference Pulse Form uses 1 pulse control mode (Pulse + Direction)
>>> Select “0: Sign + Pulse, positive logic”

+ Pn200.3: Filter Selection
>>> Select “1: Uses reference input filter for open collector signal (to 200kpps)”

+ Pn20E + Pn210 + Pn212
3 This parameter is used to set the number of pulses for 1 revolution of the motor

In this project, uses a rotary motor directly and I want when the PLC generates 1000 pulses, the motor will rotate 1 revolution so I set it as follows:

Pn20E = 167,772,16 / P210 = 360

+ Pn000.1: Control Method Selection

MicroLogix-1100 “Pulse Train Output” Configuration

PLC MicroLogix-1100 1763-L16BBB supports 2 pulse channels with 40kHz frequency, in this project we use Channel.0

Note: Default OUT-Output parameter will be -1, we need to change it to 2 or 3 otherwise PLC will report an error

MicroLogix 1100 “Servo Control”

Below is the program of the MicroLogix 1100 PLC that generates pulses to control the Yaskawa Sigma 7 Servo motor. This is the simplest and easiest program that you can understand.

Project Video Tutorial


Software and documents for the project

+ Yaskawa Sigma 7 Software Free Download

+ Yaskawa Sigma 7 Manual PDF Download (Password Extract:

If you have any questions to answer about connecting MicroLogix 1100 to Yaskawa Servo control, please comment below the article, will answer you as soon as I can.

Best Regards!

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