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HMI Proface & Mitsubishi Q03UDV “Connection” Tutorial

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Proface is a Japanese manufacturer of HMI touch screens, established in 1972 and now has 28 factories and agents worldwide. HMI Proface is widely used in industries around the world. The HMI Proface monitor is trusted and appreciated for its high quality.

One advantage of the Proface series is that it can be used in many other environmental conditions: wet environments, harsh working environments or places with strong and frequent vibrations. Today will guide you to use HMI Proface GP4402WW to connect to PLC Mitsubishi Q03UDV simply and easily.

Mitsubishi Q03UDV “Ethernet Port.” Setting

+ Select “Enable online change” to change the value of the PLC from the HMI

Proface HMI to “Mitsubishi Q03UDV” Configuration

It is necessary to set the communication parameters of the PLC for the HMI to know, and at the same time it is necessary to set the address of the HMI in the same IP range as the PLC.

Project Video Tutorial


+ Download GX Works.2 Mitsubishi Software
+ Download GP-ProEX V4.09 Proface Software

If you need assistance in using HMI Proface to connect and control Mitsubishi Q-Series PLC via Ethernet port, please comment below the article, will reply to you as soon as I read the comments.

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