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FUJI Frenic Mini “Setup Tutorial”

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Fuji frenic mini inverter is one of 6 series of Fuji inverters. This is a specialized inverter series for light and medium load systems with a capacity of less than 15kW.
Known as the inverter series with compact design but full of features, simple operation and compatible with many applications. Fuji frenic mini inverter is chosen by many people when applied to conveyors, pump fans, food factories, etc. because it can meet the requirements of system integration, saving electricity capacity, reduce labor costs, ..

Today will guide you how to install this inverter in the simplest and fastest way.

FUJI Frenic “Wiring Diagram”

You should use a 5kΩ potentiometer

FUJI Frenic Mini Parameters Setting

The basic parameters we need to pay attention to when installing the inverter:

Frenic Mini VFD Internal Control

Using Potentiometer and Keypad integrated on the inverter

Frenic Mini VFD External Control

We can use peripheral devices to control the inverter such as PLC, Button, Relay,…

Video Tutorial


>>> Download Fuji Frenic Mini Manual PDF

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