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[Download] UltraISO / HJ-Split Support Install Software (32/64bit)

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In the process of installing automation software, many software in the form of ISO files, as well as many software that are very large, should be broken down for easy download so we need support software for the installation!

1. UltraISO_Premium

Currently the ISO File format is becoming more and more popular, if you use Windows10 there will be no problem because Windows10 can directly open the ISO File, but with other operating systems such as Windows-XP / Windows7, you need Use the software to read the ISO file to open it.

Iso File

Today share with everyone UltraISO_Premium software used to read professional ISO files for operating systems other than Windows10

ultraISO Premium Software

>>> Download UltraISO_Premium Software with GoogleDrive

Password Extract:

– Video tutorial for using UltraISO software:

2. HJ-Split

HJ-Split for Windows is a free file splitter that runs on all 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows. HJSplit supports cutting files over 100GB and it can split, join / recombine files

HJ-Split Software

Many software due to very large capacity, the software uploader has broken the software down (may also be because the hosting provider limits the maximum upload capacity) so when downloading these software to them We need to use HJ-Split to join them

HJ-Split for Windows is a portable application and does not depend on any special DLL. Just extract the file that you have downloaded, double click on the hjsplit.exe executable to use the program.

>>> Download HJSplit Software with GoogleDrive

Password Extract:

– Video tutorial for using HJ-Split software:

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