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HMI Omron NQ-Series is a long-standing HMI model of Omron with screen interface and buttons, the advantage of NQ-Series is extremely cheap price suitable for projects with simple requirements.

Today would like to share with you the software NQ-Designer V2.23 which is the software used to design HMI NQ-Series, this is the latest version up to the present time.

Supported models:

+ NB3Q-TQ000-B , NB3Q-TQ010-B , NB3Q-MQ000-B

+ NB5Q-MQ000-B , NB5Q-SQ000-B , NB5Q-MQ001-B , NB5Q-SQ001-B , NB5Q-TQ010-B

Supported operating systems:

+ Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Windows Vista

+ Microsoft Windows 7, Microsoft Windows 8/8.1, Microsoft Windows 10

Detailed NQ-Designer installation instructions:

+ Step 1: Download the software and extract, pasword extract

+ Step 2: Select Next at this step

+ Step 3: Select Installation Folder then Next

+ Step 4: Click Next to Confirm Installation

+ Step 5: Wait for a few minutes, the installation process will be extremely fast

+ Step 6: The installation process is complete you select Close

Now Enjoy!

Software installation instructions by video

Link Download NQ-Designer Software

>>> Download NQ-Designer Omron Software with Mediafire Link

Password Extract:


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