IoT protocols – Part2 Zigbee

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Following the previous article, today with you to learn a relatively new type of physical communication method, which is Zigbee.

What is zigbee?

Zigbee, like Bluetooth, is a type of short-distance communication, currently used in large quantities and commonly used in industry. Typically, Zigbee Pro and Zigbee remote control (RF4CE) are designed based on IEEE802.15.4 protocol – is an industry standard physical communication protocol operating at 2.4Ghz commonly used in range applications. Short and frequent data transmission, but often, is judged suitable for applications in smarthomes or in an urban / apartment area.

Zigbee / RF4CE has a significant advantage in complex systems that require the following conditions: low power consumption, high security, the ability to expand the number of high nodes … for example the requirements of the M2M and IoT applications are typical. The latest version of Zigbee is 3.0, where the highlight is the merging of different Zigbee standards into a single standard:

+ Standard: ZigBee 3.0 based on IEEE802.15.4

+ Frequency: 2.4GHz

+ Range: 10-100m

+ Data Rates: 250kbps

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