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MicroLogix 1100 “Modbus RTU” FR E700 Mitsubishi Tutorial

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Hello everyone!
A lot of people messaged me asking about using the MicroLogix series of PLCs in general and the RSLogix 500 Pro software using Modbus-RTU to communicate with peripherals.

Today I will start a Series using Allen-Bradley MicroLogix 1100 PLC communicating with devices via Modbus RTU.
In this article, I will guide you to connect with an extremely common type of inverter that is Mitsubishi E700 Series

MicroLogix-1100 & FR-E700 “Wiring Diagram”

Mitsubishi FR E700 Modbus Configuration

In order for the inverter to communicate with Modbus-RTU, you need to configure the following parameters:

+ Pr117: 1 (Slave Address)

+ Pr118: 3 (Baudrate 9600)

+ Pr119: 0 (8bit, stop bit = 1)

+ Pr120: 2 (Even)

+ Pr121: 9999

+ Pr122: 9999

+ Pr123: 9999

+ Pr124: 1

+ Pr340: 1

+ Pr549: 1

+ Pr79: 2 (Last Settings)

Register for Control
Register for Monitoring

MicroLogix 1100 Communication Configuration

+ Channel Configuration

MicroLogix 1100 Programming

+ 1s Clock Generation and Automatic Read/Write Distribution

+ Motor Control Command

+ Frequency Write Command

+ Read Data Response Command

Detailed Instruction Video


Recommended Documents

+ PLC MicroLogix 1100 Manual PDF
+ Mitsusbishi FR E700 Series Manual PDF

Password Extract:

If you need any help in the process of connecting MicroLogix 1100 to Mitsubishi inverters, please comment below the article will answer you as soon as I read it.

Best Regards!

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