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[Download] SX-Programmer Expert(D300win) FUJI PLC Software

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SX-Programmer Expert (D300win) is a specialized software used to program most of the PLC’s FUJI. From old PLCs to the most modern models today as MICREX-SX Series

Recommended configuration

+ CPU: Intel Pentium 400Mhz or more

+ RAM: 1GB or more

+ DISK: 500MB or more

+ Communications Interfaces: RS-232C, USB, Ethernet

Operating system software support

+ Microsoft Windows-XP

+ Microsoft Windows-Vista

+ Microsoft Windows-7

+ Microsoft Windows-8/8.1

+ Microsoft Windows-10

Video instructions to install SX-Programmer

Link Download Software

1. Download via GoogleDrive

>>> Download SX-Programmer Expert(D300win) FUJI PLC Software

2. Download via MediaFire

>>> Download_SX-Programmer_Expert(D300win)_FUJI_PLC_Software

Password Extract:


If the download link is broken, please comment below the article for to check and fix the link.

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