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[Download] PLC Editor2 Wecon PLC Software

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Hello friends!
In the previous article, shared with you the Wecon PLC software “PLC Editor” which is programming software for old Wecon PLCs from LX3V and below.

Today I continue to share with you Wecon’s Model LX5V PLC programming software “PLC Editor.2” software.

PLC Models that Wecon PLC Editor.2 software supports to work:


Installation Instructions

+ Step 1: Download PLC Editor.2 software and extract with password “”

+ Step 2: Run “setup.exe” file

+ Step 3: Wait for the installation process to take place in a few minutes

+ Step 4: Software installation completed

+ Step 5: Enjoy

Software Download Link

Download via GoogleDrive
>>> Download PLC Editor2 Wecon PLC Software

Password Extract:

If the Download Link is broken or you need support during the software installation process, please comment below the article, will reply to you as soon as I read the comments.

Best Regards!

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