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[Download] ControlStar EMERSON PLC Programming Software

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ControlStar is EMERSON PLC programming software with small capacity and simple interface, EMERSON PLC is suitable for small projects with low cost.

ControlStar supports programming of the following PLCs: EMERSON EC10, EC10A, EC20, EC20_V2, EC20H, EVC_UPRG

ControlStar supports programming in languages:

Ladder chart, Instruction list, SFC

Operating system

+ Microsoft Windows XP

+ Microsoft Windows Vista (32/64bit)

+ Microsoft Windows 7 All version (32/64bit)

+ Microsoft Windows 8/8.1 All version (32/64bit)

+ Microsoft Windows 10 All version (32/64bit)

ControlStar Software installation video

Software Download Link

1. Download via GoogleDrive

>>> Download ControlStar EMERSON PLC Software

2. Download via MediaFire

>>> Download_ControlStar_EMERSON_PLC_Software

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