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[Unlock] Mitsubishi Q-Series Software (Works 100%)

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Hello friends!
Mitsubishi Q-Series PLC is an extremely popular PLC used in the market, sometimes they are passworded but we need to work with them.

Today would like to introduce to you the software to read Mitsubishi Q-Series PLC password through RS232 port (only supports PLCs with RS232 port…) has successfully tested on the following PLCs:

+ Q00CPU / Q00JCPU

+ Q01CPU

+ Q02CPU / Q02HCPU

Software interface “Read Password Mitsubishi Q-Series”

Video Tutorial

This is not only Mitsubishi Q-Series PLC Unlock software, it also integrates unlocking many other PLC/HMI, this software is suitable for automation engineers who need to work with many types of PLC/HMI.

Software Features

+ PLC Omron: C200H, CPM1A, CPM2A, CQM1, CQM1H (Tested OK)

+ PLC Mitsubishi: Q Series, FX0 Series , FX1 Series, FX2 Series, FX3 Series (level 1 – level 2 contact me) (Tested OK)

+ Mitsubishi HMI: GT1020, GT1050, GT1055, GOT-F920, GOT-F930, GOT-F940 (Tested OK)

+ Delta DVP-1 Series: ES, EX, SS, EC, DVP, ES, EX, SS, EC (Tested ES1/SS1OK)

+ LG/LS PLC: Master K80S, 120S (Tested OK)

+ Siemens: Logo 0BA6 (Tested OK)

+ PLC Fatek: FBS to v4.53 ,FBE , FBs Projects

+ PLC Panasonic: NAIS FP0 ,NAIS FPG

+ Pro-face HMI: GP2000 Series (Without Disable Upload setting) (Tested OK)

+ Fuji-Hakko HMI: UG series, V6,V7,V8, NB Series.


Order Software

+ Software Unlock ALL PLC/HMI: 120$ (USD)

Payment methods

+ Paypal
  • Payment via email address:
+ Crypto
  • USDT Wallet (TRC20): TPKKwrQYSU5aoYreXce2uZivSoz9T4dvDs

You will receive the software via Email or any other method you want!

Please contact: for more details and software purchase.

Thanks and Best Regards!

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