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[Tutorial] VFD FR-E720 “MODBUS RTU” Weintek MT8071iE

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The Mitsubishi FR-E700 Series inverter is a low-cost but high-quality Mitsubishi inverter, although it has been around for a long time, it is still popularly used in factories around the world.

We can control the FR E720 inverter in many different ways such as button control, rheostat, switch, CC -Link, today will guide you to control with HMI Weintek MT8081iE via communication MODBUS-RTU

Wiring Diagram

Parameters of Mitsubishi Inverter FR-E700 Series

Parameters Setting for Modbus-RTU

In this project I use the following parameters:

  • Pr117 : “1” (Slave.1)
  • Pr118 : “9600” (Baud rate)
  • Pr119 : “0” (8bit/Stop bit.1)
  • Pr120 : “2” (Even bit)
  • Pr121 : “9999”
  • Pr122 : “9999”
  • Pr123 : “9999”
  • Pr124 : “1”
  • Pr340 : “1”
  • Pr549 : “1”
  • Pr79 : “6” ( External Mode > Last setting )


Address where holding register data write will be started Starting address = Starting register address (decimal)-40001
For example, setting of the starting address 0001 reads the data of the holding register 40002

Modbus Registers Address

Real Time Monitor

Weintek MT8071iE Communication Configuration

Design HMI with the following addresses

Video Instructions for Installing and Connecting HMI Weintek & FR-E720 VFD


If there is any difficulty in connecting Weintek HMI with VFD Mitsubishi, please comment below the article, will answer you as soon as I read it.

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