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[Tutorial] PLC Omron Analog “4 to 20mA” Read & Scale

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In the previous article has instructed you to read Analog Input Voltage “0 to 5V”, in this article continues to guide you to connect PLC CP1H-XA to Panasonic distance measuring sensor HG-C1400 via Analog “4 to 20mA” standard

Standard “4 to 20mA” current analog has the advantage that even if the sensor is far away there will be less interference than analog voltage

Connection diagram

Configure CP1H-XA on the CX-Programmer

Video instruction to read Analog signal “4 to 20mA” in detail


If you have any questions about PLC OMRON CP1H-XA Analogue Signal Processing with Sensor Out Analog, please comment below the article, will answer you as soon as you read it.

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