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[Tutorial] PLC Keyence Excel Export Data

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PLC Keyence, though newly appeared in the market, is increasingly popular in recent years with outstanding advantages. With industrial revolution 4.0, smart factories are an inevitable trend

Collecting and retrieving data is the need of any company.

Today will guide you to collect data from PLC Keyence and export to Excel file. You can save on your computer or Sever according to adjustable time frames.

I use WinCC Software to connect to PLC Keyence KV5500 via Ethernet / IP port (OPC connection). WinCC software ensures your data is automatically archived whenever the computer is turned on

>>> Video Instructions for connecting PLC Keyence and WinCC

OPC KepServerEX V6 software is used to act as an intermediary holding PLC Keyence and WinCC. You can download it on the Internet or you can contact me if you install the full time version ( made an example of storing 3 temperature values ​​by exporting to an Excel file, you can watch the video below.

Video PLC Keyence stores data to output Excel file


You can download PLC and WinCC software from the link below:

>>> Download KV Studio PLC Keyence Software

>>> Download WinCC Runtime Advanced Software

If you have any difficulties in exporting data to Excel with PLC Keyence, please contact by commenting below the article.

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