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[Tutorial] Omron CP1H & Yaskawa Servo “Jog Process”

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In the previous article, I instructed you to use the original control CP1H of Yaskawa Servo motor. Today I will guide you to do Jog program because Omron CP1H PLC does not integrate this command

Connection diagram

We use 2 more Input addresses 003 and 004 to make two buttons “Jog +” and “Jog-“


Explain the commands used in the program

PLS2 pulse command

The parameters in the program to use:

  • Port: #0000
  • M: #0101 (Pulse + Direction & Absolute pulses)
  • S > S+5: D100 > D105
  • F > F+1: D106 > D107


  • JOG Process
  • Pulse generation

Video Tutorial “Jog Process”


In the next article, will guide you to control location. If you have any questions about PLC Omron or Yaskawa, please comment below the article

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