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[Tutorial] Keyence KV5500 & Mitsubishi MR-J4-A “Position Control”

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Hello, today will continue to guide you to control the Mitsubishi Servo position with PLC Keyence KV5500, if you have not read the previous article, you must read to know how to connect the wire and the original Servo

With this article I have used the Weintek MT8071iE HMI monitor to support the control, you scroll down to a few posts to click on the link to connect KV5500 and MT8071iE.

Configure Pulse Method and JOG

We choose the ABS type Point #0 control and the “Jog” parameters as shown below

Programming Guide

“JOG” program section

“Teach Data & Position Control” program section

“Pulse” program section

Video Test Program


So has completed the MR-J4-A Servo control tutorial article with PLC Keyence KV5500

Software used in the project:

>>> KV Studio for PLC Keyence KV-5500: Download Here
>>> MR-Configurator2 for Servo Mitsubishi J4: Download Here
>>> Connection guide KV5500 and HMI MT8071iE: View Here

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