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[Tutorial] Keyence KV5500 & Mitsubishi MR-J4-A “ORG Search”

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Hello friends!

After the article about controlling Servo Yaskawa with KV5500, many people sent email to request to write similar article with Servo Mitsubishi MR J4 A Series

Therefore, today I would like to guide everyone to connect the KV5500 to drive the MR J4 A Servo motor

Configuration CPU KV5500

CPU KV5500 setting parameters will be identical to Yaskawa Sigma V Servo connection



Configure Mitsubishi MR-J4-A

There are 5 important parameters (PA01, PA05, PA06, PA07, PA13) please install as shown below

( Install on Driver or MR-Configurator2 software)

Connection diagram between KV5500 and MR-J4-A


Section program I/O and Stop Pulse Output

Section ORG Process

Video test the program to the original with MR J4 A


So has guided you about the original Mitsubishi engine with KV5500, in the next article I will guide you to control the position.

Software used in the project:

>>> KV Studio for PLC Keyence KV-5500: Download Here
>>> MR-Configurator2 for Servo Mitsubishi J4: Download Here

Thanks and best regards!

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