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[Tutorial] Keyence KV Nano & Yaskawa Sigma “ORG Search”

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Hello everyone

In the previous article, instructed you to use KV Nano to control Mitsubishi MR-J4-A Series Servo motor. Anyone who wants to read can click on the link below

Today would like to continue to instruct everyone to use Keyence’s KV Nano PLC to control Yaskawa Sigma V (or 7)

Connection diagram of KV-N14DT and Yaskawa Sigma V

Configure PLC KV-N14DT

Please configure in the image below (after you are proficient, you can configure it for you)

Configuration of Mitsubishi Servo MR-J4-A

Focus on PA01, PA05, PA06, PA07, PA13

With PA13, please refer to the parameters below

PLC Programming (Use KV-Studio)

Program Sensor Input & Stop Pulse Output

The code that processes ORG Search

Video tutorial “Search ORG” details


Supporting Software

If you have any questions in the process of rooting MR-J4-A with KV Nano, please comment below the article, in the next post I will guide you to generate position control pulses.

Best Regards!

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