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S7 1200 “Stepping Motor” Control Tutorial

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Stepper motor is one of the simple, inexpensive motors that can accurately control rotational angles, so it is widely used in machines. Today will guide you to use PLC S7-1200 to control stepper motor in the simplest and easiest way.

I use 2 Phase (4 wires) stepper motor and Leadshine DM542 Motor Driver, this is a very common driver used in machines.

S7-1200 & Stepping Motor “Connection Diagram”

Leadshine DM542 Stepping Driver

  • Stepping Driver Setting 1000 (PLS) = 1 (Revolution)
  • R= 2K2Ω: Reduce voltage from 24VDC to 5VDC

Siemens S7-1200 Pulse Output Configuration recommends Reset PLC before loading program

Axis1 Parameters Setting

+ Basic parameters

+ Extended parameters

+ Dynamics

PLC Programming

+ Step ON/OFF Control

+ Axis Reset Command

+ Axis Jog Process

+ Axis Position Control

Project Video Tutorial


Required Software

+ Siemens S7 1200 Programming Software Download

If you support in the process of using Siemens S7-1200 to control Stepping Motor, please comment below the article, will reply to you when I read the comments.

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