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S7 1200 “Servo Control” Panasonic Minas A6 Tutorial

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PLC Siemens S7-1200 is one of the most commonly used PLCs on the market, it meets most of today’s automation needs. Today will guide you to use PLC S-1200 pulse generator (Pulse Train Output – PTO) to control Servo Motor.

The selected Servo model is Panasonic Minas A6, this is also a commonly used type of Servo on the market with good quality and reasonable price (with Panasonic Minas-A5 Series, the control method is similar to Minas A6)

Siemens S7-1200 & Panasonic A6 “Wiring Diagram”

Below is the connection diagram between PLC S7-1200 and Panasonic Minas A6 Servo (Minas A5 also has the same connection)

+ Note: Need to choose Model S7-1200 Transistor Output to generate high speed pulses to drive Servo Motor/ Stepper Motor (DC/DC/DC Model)

Panasonic Minas A6 Parameters Setting

Below are the basic parameters of Minas A6 Servo that we need to install to suit the application and control method we need

In this Project install as follows (I recommend you install like me)

Siemens S7-1200 “Pulse Train Output” Configuration

With this project using Axis1 of Siemens S7-1200

+ Basic parameters

+ Extended Parameters

PLC Programming

+ Servo On/Off Control

+ Axis_1 Reset Command

+ Axis Home Recover

+ Axis Jog Process

+ Axis Possition Control

Project Video Tutorial


Required software and documention

>>> Download Siemens S7-1200 Programming Software
>>> Download Panasonic A6 Servo Software
>>> Panasonic Minas A6 Manual PDF Download

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