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PLC Inovance “Modbus RTU” Schneider ATV312 Tutorial

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Schneider Altivar 312 inverter family is a family of inverters developed by electric-schneider with powerful features with frequency range from 0 to 500Hz, capacity 0.18 to 15Kw with many functions such as: Motor thermal protection function, Auto-start function, auto-start function to catch the load speed, reversing function, braking function, remote control connection function…

Today will guide you to control and monitor the Schneider ATV312 inverter with the Inovance H3U-3232MT PLC via Modbus-RTU communication simply and easily.

PLC Inovance & Schneider ATV312 “Wiring Diagram”

+ Below is a diagram of RS485 communication connection between 2 devices (maximum communication distance support up to 1200m)

Schneider ATV312 “Modbus RTU” Parameters Setting

To be able to control the inverter by Modbus-RTU communication, in addition to the basic parameters of the inverter that need to be installed according to the motor (frequency, current, voltage…) we need to install additional parameters communication as follows:

+ CON Menu

  • Add = 1 (Slave Address = 1)
  • tbr = 9.6 (Baudrate = 9600bps)
  • tF0 = 8E1 (8bit/even/1bit)
  • tt0 = 3.0 (Comm. timer check Error)

+ CtL Menu

  • LAC = L3
  • Fr1 = Mdb (Modbus)
  • Fr2 = Mbd
  • CHCF = SEP
  • Cd1 = Mbd
  • Cd2 = Mbd
Schneider ATV312 “Modbus RTU” Registers Address

>>> VFD Control Address = 8501 (dec) = 2135 (hex)

  • Set Word 2135 (hex) = 128 : VFD Fault Reset
    = 6 : VFD System Start
    = 15 : Forward Run
    = 2063 : Reverse Run
    = 4111 : Stop

>>> Frequency Reference Address = 8502 (dec) = 2136 (hex)

+ Output Frequency Address = 3202 (dec) = C82 (hex)
Frequency Ref. Address = 3202 (dec) = C83 (hex)
Output Current Address = 3204 (dec) = C84 (hex)
Output Torque Address = 3205 (dec) = C85 (hex)

PLC Inovance Modbus Configuration

We need to set the communication parameters for the PLC exactly the same as those set for the Schneider inverter

PLC Programming Example

+ Add Modbus Config

+ Setup & Program

Video Tutorial



+ PLC Inovance Programming Software Download
+ Schneider ATV312 Inverter Manual PDF Download

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