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Mitsubishi QD75D4 “Step Motor” Control Tutorial

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PLC Mitsubishi Q-Series is one of the large, high-end PLC lines that support many features and control large systems. Today will guide you to use the QD75D4(N) Pulse Generator Module in a simple way. will use the Axis-1 of the QD75D4 module (or QD75D2, QD71D1 similar) to control the stepper motor through Driver DM542… this is a common Stepping Driver on the market, other types also control the same.

QD75D4 & Stepping Motor “Wiring Diagram”

+ Below is a simple wiring diagram between Mitsubishi QD75D4 Axis-1 and Stepping Motor, after mastering the control, you can use other functional pins

Mitsubishi QD75D4 Parameters Setting

+ Step 1: Create New Project

+ Step 2: I/O Assigment

+ Step 3: QD75D4 Parameters Setting

Write Parameters to Module

PLC Programming

+ Axis.1 Configuration & Jog Process

+ Axis.1 Possition Control

+ HMI Interface

Project Video Tutorial


+ Mitsubishi GX-Works 2 Software Download
+ Mitsubishi QD75D Positioning Module Manual PDF

Password Extract:

If in the process of using Module QD75D4(N) to control Stepping Motor you need any support, please comment below the article, will reply to you as soon as possible.

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