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LabView “Modbus RTU” Delta MS300 Tutorial

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Hello friends. In the previous post, showed you how to use LabView software to control the DELTA VFD-M Inverter.

Today continues to guide you to use Labview to control a newer Delta inverter, the MS300 Series. Basically the same, only the inverter parameter setting is different.

Delta MS300 & Computer “Wiring Diagram”

DELTA MS300 Modbus RTU Settings

In order for the DELTA MS300 Inverter to be controlled by Modbus RTU, we need to set the following parameters:

  • P00.20: 1 (Frequency Reference via Modbus)
  • P00.21: 2 (Motor Control via Modbus)
  • P09.00: 1 ( Slave Address = 1)
  • P09.01: 9.6 (Baurdrate 9600bps)
  • P09.02: 0
  • P09.03: 1.0 (Error Comm. Timer)
  • P09.04: 14 (Modbus RTU 8/1/E)
Registers Control

>>> Motor Control Address = 2000 (hexa) = 8192 (dec)

  • Set Word 8192 = 18 >>> Run Forward
    = 34 >>> Run Reverse
    = 1 >>> Stop

>>> Frequency Reference Address = 2001 (hexa) = 8193 (dec)

Registers Monitoring

>>> Output Frequency Address = 2103 (hexa) = 8451 (dec)

LabView Modbus Programming

+ Front Panel

+ Block Diagram

Video Tutorial


Document Reference

>>> DELTA MS300 VFD Manual PDF Download (Password:

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